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The DBski story

  Welcome to the DBski website.  I specialize in building custom wood decorative waterskis.  Besides family, the two passions in my life have been skiing and woodworking. After completing a career as a high school teacher of design I am now focusing my energies on creating my skis.  I came up with the idea for the skis when, in my travels to various ski sites; I kept seeing old skis used for decoration. As I was preparing for post-teaching opportunities, I knew I wanted to use my woodworking abilities. Then it came to me, instead of using an old beat up ski, why not a ski built out of beautiful woods?  To personalize the skis, I devised a method to cut graphics and text into the ski using a CNC router.


Why do you need a decorative ski?

. . . . It is a great conversation piece!!!
. . . .A rotating trophy for your club championship
. . . .To personalize a favorite room in your home
. . . .Promote your company with your logo on a ski
. . . .A tournament trophy (like the Malibu Open)
. . . .A home address sign, complete with family name
. . . .As a genuine one-off piece of art
. . . .To highlight a skiers accomplishments like a
national placing

Custom Woodworking

 I was an avid woodworker long before I launched the decorative ski idea.  Both my father and grandfather were carpenters and woodworkers so I guess you could say I grew up with sawdust in my veins.  Check out the Custom Woodworking Page for more.

I have been building people custom, heirloom quality furniture for over thirty years. If you are in the market for a piece of furniture you will not see anywhere else, I would be happy to help you design and create that piece!

From beds to kitchen tables, there is not much I have not built.  I work with all types of wood but I specialize in northern hardwoods. I’m fortunate to live in a hardwood forest and much of the wood I use is sustainably harvested from downed trees.  Check out the boat I built. The entire deck and inside was constructed from a wind toppled cherry out of my next door neighbor’s yard!

New Items
In addition to the skis, I’ve developed other products with a ski-related theme. I have several street address signs with various graphics.  Check out the new items page. New this year are two new products, the “Ski” picture frame and clipboard.  The standard graphic on these is “Ski” but for an additional $10
I can change it, again check them out on the new items page.Contact me at with any questions or to place an order!





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